Damion, Mumbai

.I'm Damion Dias, a 25-year-old and my pronouns are he/him. I'm from the coastal beauty of Goa and Negombo, Sri Lanka, now calling Mumbai my home. I'm known for my subtle sense of humour, adore chunky boots, and proudly share my life with two charming feline companions.

My heart belongs to music, with no specific genre or artist preference—anything with captivating vibrato, powerful beats, and smooth runs wins me over. I aspire to follow in the footsteps of Morticia Addams, embracing her unparalleled mystique.
I have a talent for capturing everyday moments, serenading my boyfriend, and busting some impressive dance moves, despite my lack of formal training. My vibes oscillate between bustling clubs and tranquil cafes, and coffee is practically my defining trait!

In addition to my corporate marketing pursuits, I'm chasing my dream of being a visual creative, currently obsessed with yarn. Unbeknownst to many, I'm also on a journey towards a singing and songwriting career, belting out tunes in the bathroom. Now, I'm proudly stepping into my baddie persona with Current Management.
My modelling journey began at 19, introducing me to both admiration and the weight of industry standards. After a break, I embraced my queer identity, evolving into a better version of myself and recognizing that self-critique often overshadows our unique beauty. Supported by my chosen biological family, I'm learning to appreciate my own beauty, even on tough days.

I'm constantly in motion, driven by the belief that greatness lies within me. My dreams are intertwined with those I love, and living under a roof with creatively talented individuals is a constant motivator.
I enjoy occasional cooking, video games, How-to videos, or simply basking in the love of my cherished cats.