Akash, Mumbai

I am Akash, a multi-disciplinary Artist exploring Sound, Performance, Painting, and Sculpture. I am a non-binary, queer individual and go with the pronouns he/she/they. I find creative solace in photography, modelling, interior design, and DJing.

Holding a BFA in Painting from Sir J.J. School Of Arts, Mumbai, I am presently contributing to both art and family farm responsibilities.

My upbringing on an isolated farm fostered my affinity for nature, instilling a deep sense of observation and acceptance. I transformed mud into art and defied conventions by embracing colours and concepts. Upholding Wisdom and Faith, I value self-reflection and quality time with loved ones. Amidst my artistic pursuits, I immerse myself in literature, humour, and running.

In essence, my journey weaves through diverse mediums, identities, and experiences, shaping the vibrant fabric of my life.