DeeDeePls, Mumbai

I am DeeDeePls, a self-taught Multi-Disciplinary Artisan. My creative journey spans the realms of Drag Artistry, Fashion Illustration, Styling, Creative Direction, and Education. I'm the embodiment of the "Jack of all trades." I am Non-binary and gender-fluid, and my preferred pronouns are He/him and She/her.
For seven illustrious years, I shared my expertise as a Digital Design Faculty at Whistling Woods International School of Fashion and Costume Design. My artistry has graced the works of renowned designers like Anita Dongre, Elle, Verve, Payal Singhal, Anavila, and many more.
I proudly held my ground as a finalist on Myntra Fashion Superstar S1, and my artistic odyssey began in the intimacy of my own bedroom, where I first ventured into the captivating world of drag.
At this moment, I'm immersed in the tactile artistry of hand-building in pottery, with dreams of hosting captivating exhibitions in the future.

As a Queer individual, I've harnessed the power of fashion illustration to conquer my insecurities. Through sketches mirroring my features and desired attire, I unwittingly painted a portrait of my future Drag persona. I've learned to exude the confidence of the Pop Divas I admire and express my true self through my unique style.
My heart is anchored in gratitude for my roots, providing the unwavering strength that fuels my creative journey. My diverse interests are driven by mood, encompassing the joy of nature hikes, culinary experimentation, and sketching.