It is a great time to be queer, and greater to represent everything queer!

Does it matter who writes queer stories?

Is diversity difficult to depict?

We have left all our struggles in the past and the onus is on us to rewrite our own legacy.


Current management seeks to be the pioneering agency to represent authentic and queer artists, models, actors, multidisciplinary artists and production house.


Striving to revoke the traditional requirements of mainstream talent agencies, our main aim is to connect INCLUSIVE brands with progressive individuals possessing stunning personalities.

With ARTISTS & MODELS in India and all across the globe. Our agency boasts a diverse range of talents from makeup artists to fashion stylists, dancers to actors to drag artists.

We are constantly expanding our range as an agency and are always on the lookout for new faces who strive to be different and one of a kind.


Drawing it from our personal experiences, we have seen pure negligence when it comes to managing artists, let alone queer artists, which is exactly what the market lacks and it is our responsibility to provide a safe and TRANSparent space.

Trust us, it comes from a genuine space of experience.

All the Talent/Management Agencies have one thing in common of becoming obsolete due to irrelevant practices such as casting wrong people for the right job a.k.a. questionable choices.

We are here as an agency who understand this gap in the market, and we will EAT IT UP!


Nin Kala

Queer super model, Production Designer, Activist, entrepreneur and Art Director.

Glorious Luna

Entrepreneur, Drag Super Star, Model, Makeup artist and Creative director.